take things easy with me.

dear people,
take things easy with me,
i'll be fine,
if you are doing fine with me,
i will respect you,
if you stay still as my friends,
i'm not demanding anything,
i'm just hoping your sincerity,
just hoping the truth from you,
just need your smile,
even though we miles away,
just want some space for us,
to make our relations alive,
its not that difficult to cares my heart,
i would love if you notice me,
then you just smile to me.
its enough.
i would cry deeply,
if you notice me,
but you went away just like that,
is that a friend we call people?
im not asking you to pleasee look after my heart.
im just want you to know,
what is the value of,
what is it behind a friendship?
do love our friends.
its easy to found friends.
ist random to find bestie.

#randomly speaking, not pointing to somebody. im improving my english also :D

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