Dear Friends.

Dear my friend,

If this is the way you choose to treat me as the last moment here, i'll be fine.
i really have no idea for what i'd done for you, sorry.
sincerely, i've try many things since our relationship, and seems like you'd never knew it.
i know you. i try to understands your way. im totally in your way until the last moment we're here, but its seems you'll never know my effort.
maybe i cant be ur friends, since i cant understand ur way, no biggie u still had them.
i wont forget how your face like, this evening, and so i dont forget how their eyes staring at me, like im the one who makes the problems. fineeeee.

After all, thanks for all the memory here, thanks for the frenship we'd going through..
I hope you'll grow up.

Mun, tengku, nas, sal, sue loves korang. Im sorry, and thanx coz be my frenz here and forever. untill we meet again.
loveeee KMK.
*imcryingggg. :'(

p/s: for all i know, they are still the best :) love lassessnolonger18.

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