I said, She said, and We said

Zulaikha Hazir

if this is the feeling, then live and learn with them.
it will make you growing up dear and know what life stand for. 
it hurts but it give lessons, its beautiful and its give bless. 
just to make you stay strong with the people you love. 
Syafiqah Roslan

sometimes im tired pretend to be happy,
and sometimes im really tired to cry on,
sometimes i like prefer to be heartless,
for my heart because to many wound
so its need time to be fine.
BUT we need to MOVE ON and KEEP SMILING to see people who we LOVE HAPPY :)

Azlinda Razak
happines is like buterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come sit softly on your shoulder


dear 2011
and tonight was so empty
my feeling was flying away like a butterfly
because these 2011 teach me a lot
and now it will end.
thanks for the lessons
and i admit my mistakes
tell your neighbour 2012 to be nice with me.



nurhaniszamshah said...

:) suka yang ayat azlinda razak!!!! weee

cik ekaa hazir said...

hehe. yg zulaikha hazir tak suka, wuuuuu